I'm Rachel. Let the ocean wash away the weight of the world on your shoulders, embrace the love of the ocean for you in the salt on your skin and in your hair. EAST COAST FOR LIFE. I like pretty things.

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Well hello #pretty #kitty thank you for joining me this #morning 🐱💕

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i fucking love these commercials

Mayhem doesn’t care what you think he is who he wants to be

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I’m in love with these three. They are so amazing and inspiring. 

For those who don’t know they (Keaton : age 16, Wesley: 18, Drew 20 EMBLEM3) are from Huntington Beach, CA and surfing/skating are there passion but primarily music. 

This song is called Indigo and was written by Drew. 

Much love pass it on. #VoteE3 on TheXFactorUSA 

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The person I reblogged this from deserves to be happy.

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we interrupt your ranting and hipster pictures to bring you a seductive banana.

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Piñata Cookies


OMG *—————————-* tenho que fazer!

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